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At Kadar Orthodontics, we do one thing and do it well – take you straight to a beautiful, healthy smile. Our team is trained to ensure that the time you spend with us is pleasant, professional and efficient.

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It takes a lot to be a member of our team.

At Kadar Orthodontics, our team is composed of professionals who understand our unique patient focus and warm, friendly attitude. Each of our orthodontic specialists and assistants are licensed and/or certified and receive annual CPR and OSHA training. Our office staff members also reflect the enthusiasm, attention to detail and caring we know you appreciate.

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Marlina's Journey

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Our daughter Marlina is currently wearing braces, we wanted to share her journey so patients can see the process from beginning to end.  Marlina’s Braces blog is coming soon!


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To My Orthodontic Patients, Families & Friends:

Thank you for being a part of the Kadar Family. For the last 30 years, the care and well-being of our patients has always been my primary concern. As healthcare providers, we have a duty and responsibility to maintain your health and safety during treatment in our office. Thus, our Team will continue to provide superior service and care to you during these stressful times. Our office will remain open to care for our patients who require frequent monitoring and ensure that all patients remain comfortable.

We will accomplish this through a combination of virtual and in-office appointments depending on the patients’ treatment plan. During this past weekend, we implemented protocols for both type of visits to comply with governmental recommendations.

The Kadar Team has worked vigorously to be trained in the Dental Monitoring virtual appointment program. I have reviewed and identified patients that are candidates for virtual appointments including most Carriere and Clear Aligner patients who are wearing aligners made by Invisalign, Spark & our exclusive in house KSmile system. We will be contacting you directly to set up virtual appointments and keep your treatment on schedule.

For in-office visits, we have always followed the CDC guidelines for Infection Control including the practice of universal precautions within a dental/orthodontic office setting. The Kadar Kabin was specifically designed with enough space to allow for private treatment rooms and at least 6 ft between our semi-private treatment areas. Our goal is to minimize the spread and transmission of communicable diseases. We have reviewed our policies and expanded guidelines to include:

  • PPE – Continued use of disposable personal protective equipment (masks, eye protection, gowns & gloves) as specified for dental/orthodontic procedures.
  • Hand-washing – Request frequent handwashing in the office by our staff, patients and their families.
  • Text to Treatment – patients and families are requested to text us when they arrive for their appointment and remain in their car until we can escort them directly to their clinic chair.
  • Cleaning – More frequent office cleanings with extra focus on high touch areas such as door/drawer handles, counter tops, sinks, etc using recommended anti-bacterial and germicidal cleaners.
  • Sanitize – Encourage the use of approved, alcohol- based hand sanitizer by patients and their family members when entering and leaving the office. Sanitizer locations have been clearly marked and identified for easy use.
  • Health Screening – Daily screening of our staff and patients to identify flu-like symptoms. We request our staff, patients and their families who are ill to stay home. We will reschedule your visit for a future date.

Keep smiling and thank you for your cooperation, we wish you good health!

Dr. Thomas Kadar & the Kadar Team