Kadar’s BIGGEST Giveaway Yet!

As part of the announcement of our brand new site, we’ve decided to launch our biggest, most valuable giveaway ever! In fact, you can win a brand new laptop!

Here’s how it works: Hidden on our new website is what’s called an easter egg, it’s just something you need to find and click. It could be as simple as clicking a picture, a word or something else at looks a little out of place. Once you find the easter egg you’ll know. It will be completely obvious because you’ll land on a very special hidden webpage that has more info about the giveaway.

This contest is only for patients that have a Kadar Kash Club account, if you are a patient and don’t have one, come into the office and we’ll get you signed up.  Also, when you find the page, you must fill out the entry form, which is just your name and contact info. It’s that easy!  Happy hunting!

P.S. Don’t forget to share this page with anyone you know that’s a patient and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for some special clues.

I hope you LOVE our new website as much as we do!  Good luck!

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