Welcome to Kadar Orthodontics

New Arrival Procedure

We’ve updated our arrival procedure.  When you arrive for your appointment,
1) stay in your car
2) text us at 833-883-8726

Our valet team is in the vestibule & will get back to you ASAP.
If you have to wait more than 5-10 minutes, please call the office at 856-582-1400

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About Kadar

At Kadar Orthodontics, we’ve done one thing very well – providing South Jersey with over 30 years of awesome smiles!  Our experienced team is trained to ensure that the time you spend with us is pleasant, professional, and efficient.

Kadar Orthodontics, providing South Jersey with over 30 years of awesome smiles! The new "Kadar Kabin exterior is framed in a hanging wooden frame

Our Treatment Options

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It takes a lot to be a member of our team.

At Kadar Orthodontics, our team is composed of professionals who understand our unique patient focus and warm, friendly attitude. Each of our orthodontic specialists and assistants are licensed and/or certified and receive annual CPR and OSHA training. Our office staff members also reflect the enthusiasm, attention to detail and caring we know you appreciate.

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Marlina's Journey

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Our daughter Marlina is currently wearing braces, we wanted to share her journey so patients can see the process from beginning to end.  Marlina’s Braces blog is coming soon!