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Not so very long ago, orthodontic patients wore braces. Just braces. Now patients wear a variety of appliances with unfamiliar names like MARA, Herbst and Carriere.

All of these appliances have one goal: to provide you with straight, healthy teeth. The appliances we use are customized, highly-technical devices that allow us to achieve the very best results in the most efficient manner.

Unfortunately, many of us have unfavorable jaw and tooth growth. The further from the ideal, the more complex the treatment! And the appliance!

At Kadar Orthodontics, we make these corrections with new and innovative appliances. In more severe cases, the skills of an oral surgeon may be required in the treatment. Some of the most common appliances we used are described below.

Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance (MARA)  is a bite advancer that is used to correct an overbite in the most predictable and efficient manner. It replaces the need for headgear or a bulky retainer and will remain in your mouth for at least one year. The MARA can reduce the duration of treatment while achieving optimal results. Initially, it will feel awkward because it will hold your jaw forward. Your teeth will not fit together well, and you won’t be able to chew perfectly. But the improvements will be noticeable over the months it is worn.

Palatal Expanders  work by stretching your upper jaw, creating more space for the teeth. It allows a better fix with the lower jaw. It is typically worn for about six months and must be turned, or activated, anywhere from 24-40 times during this period. The number of turns depends on the type of expander.

Herbst Appliance is affectionately known as the “shock absorber.” This bite-jumping device is used to pull your lower jaw forward and, at the same time, push the upper jaw backward. It can also be designed to allow your upper arch to expand and help correct the front-to-back relationship between the upper and lower jaws. A rod and tube (that really does act like a shock absorber) connects your upper and lower jaws. This won’t interfere with opening and closing your mouth, but you may find moving your mouth from side-to-side a bit challenging. The Herbst appliance is typically worn for 12 months.

Carriere Motion Appliance is also a bite jumping appliance. It is sleek and super easy to wear. It consists of a bar that is glued to the upper or lower back teeth and two small brackets which are also glued to the back teeth. While wearing this appliance, you will be able to speak and eat normally. The Carriere appliance is typically worn for about 6 months … less if you wear your rubber bands consistently.

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