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At Kadar Orthodontics, our goal is for each patient to complete their treatment program with bright, healthy teeth and gums — and a great smile. This video will show you how to care for your teeth and gums throughout your orthodontic treatment.


What should I do if one of my wires comes loose and is poking into my cheek? Most problems with orthodontic treatment can be corrected easily at home. If you’re experiencing a problem, try these solutions first. If they don’t correct the problem, give us a call.


The use of elastics and rubber bands is an essential part of your orthodontic treatment. To be effective, they must be worn as directed by Dr. Kadar. This short video will show you how they are worn.


Knowing which foods to avoid while wearing braces is a must. If it’s sticky, chewy, hard or crunchy, it is a food that anyone wearing braces or retainers should avoid. To learn more about which foods to avoid, watch this short video. You’ll also learn about foods that are braces friendly.


This video incorporates information on food, care and comfort as well as the Kadar Kash Klub.

Kadar Patient Stories

Sam Cyliax

At Kadar Orthdontics, family comes first!! Sam Cyliax along with his mom and sister had orthodontic treatment by Team Kadar. Sam’s case was complex but Dr. Kadar was able to correct his overbite, overjet and crowding without the use of headgear or extraction of teeth. Using a MARA appliance, Sam achieved an amazing Kadar smile to last a lifetime!!


2012 was the Year for Family at Kadar Orthodontics! Maggie Cyliax was the third person in her family to get her Kadar Smile! Maggie was treated with the Damon System and elastics (rubber bands) to correct her overbite. In less than 18 months, her treatment was complete!! Her cooperation was key to her speedy smile.


All it takes sometimes is a moment to change the course of your life. Teachers and parents see it happen all the time…a certain subject or experience just “clicks” with a student or child and they choose a career path that shapes their future. That was what happened for Mona Singh during her orthodontic treatment with Dr. Kadar.

Mona says, “After going through braces, I became obsessed with teeth; I found it very interesting! Every appointment, I watched very closely what they did. In essence, they were educating me. I could tell Dr. Kadar really knows what he is doing and he makes sure that his patients feel comfortable. The way that they treated me and the great experience I had with them led me to seek my career path to become a dentist. I am currently studying Biology at Temple University for pre-Dental. I hope to follow the example of Dr. Kadar in the way that he treats his patients and staff.” Mona just completed her first year at Temple and spent a week this past summer shadowing Dr. Kadar in our office. Her time with us has inspired to her to consider specializing in orthodontics. We are very excited for Mona and what her future holds!


Kadar Orthodontics patient, Brionna Davis, had braces for less than 18 months!! Dr. Kadar utilized the Damon System and elastics (rubber bands) to correct her crossbite and straighten her teeth for an ideal result. Check out her video to learn more about Team Kadar!!


Albert remembers being teased as a young child about the gaps in his teeth. “Hey Al, take a bite out of this apple! We want to see how goofy your teeth are!” Not having the kind of smile he could be proud of, left him concealing his teeth for most of his life. It wasn’t until his thirteen year old daughter encouraged him to get his teeth fixed that he had something to smile about!

Albert, an accomplished musician, describes himself as someone who was always happy inwardly but was self-conscious of the prominent spaces in his teeth. Working in the construction industry and doing a lot of speaking, he elected to use Invisalign so his transformation would happen inconspicuously. Invisalign is a series of customized clear trays that gradually move the teeth to the desired position. Patients can easily remove them for eating and brushing their teeth. After just 20 months, Albert was enjoying the benefits of his new smile. “Here I am in my 50’s and I bite an apple and there’s nothing there to poke fun at … ahhhh, the things we take for granted.”

“Dr. Kadar and his staff truly have combined expert skills with excellent people skills,” says Al. “The atmosphere is extremely cheerful there!” Albert was a great patient, with a positive attitude and the determination to follow all the guidelines. As a result, he achieved excellent results!

There is a great twist to this story…not only did Albert get straight teeth, but he found love! Albert met a dental hygienist named Lorraine shortly before beginning treatment. A few short years later, the camera captured the biggest smile of his life…the day he married Lorraine! You can see for yourself how happy they looked on their honeymoon cruise … and he hasn’t stopped smiling yet! “Now everyone can see how happy I am and how grateful I am for this gift of life and love.”


Beauty, talent, poise and confidence … Summer Sheekey now has what it takes to make her dreams come true. Her modeling career is blossoming. She has already landed print ads for Five Below, commercials for Conair and will be featured on two book covers to be released this month. And Summer attributes her success to her incredible Kadar Smile.

As a young child, Summer always loved performing. A bit shy and insecure, she began attending acting summer camps to build her skills and confidence. By age 8, she had professional head shots taken for her portfolio, but would only smile without showing her teeth. She applied for many jobs, would get call backs, but never got the job. The interviewers would say, “We like her, but don’t like her teeth.” Thankfully, that would all change.

At age 10, Summer came to our office and began treatment to correct her crossbite, narrow arch and protrusive, misaligned teeth. The Damon System was a great fit for her, since it’s an excellent tool to widen the upper arch and create space for adult teeth. The result — a Hollywood Smile. Summer feels that “Dr. Kadar is the best” and describes the Kadar office as a “comfortable environment where each employee treats you like you’re special.”

Summer’s awkward stage is now a thing of the past. “Since I have had my braces off,” said Summer, “I’ve gotten more modeling jobs and I am so happy! It has boosted my confidence so much and now everyone compliments me on my smile. Now I can pursue my dream of being a model/actress.”

We are so proud of Summer and will be watching as her career explodes. Recently, she landed a modeling job for a major pharmaceutical company and will be showing off her Kadar Smile on billboards and in magazines across the nation! Look for her in this month’s edition of South Jersey Magazine as well! We congratulate Summer and are sure that someday we will see her in Hollywood or on the Big Screen!!


Successful businessman, magnetic personality, professional image…Troy Davis had it all…including crooked teeth. He wasn’t a stranger to orthodontics; he had watched his daughter go through treatment with Dr. Kadar. He was so impressed with the family atmosphere at Kadar Orthodontics and how the entire staff delivered superb service that he knew it was time for him to get the smile he always wanted.


It all began when Kathy Cyliax brought her 13 year old son Sam to Kadar Orthodontics to straighten his teeth and correct his bite. As Sam finished his treatment, Kathy thought, “His transformation was really amazing. Now his smile just brightens up his whole face!” About that time, she was starting to have some jaw problems and experienced the break down of her teeth due to an improper bite. She decided to get a consult with Dr. Kadar for herself.

She was a bit hesitant to get braces at age 50, but Dr. Kadar assured her that we have had patients even into their 80s! He gave her three possible treatment options and Kathy elected to have the small Damon braces along with surgery to help correct her bite. The result was unbelievable! According to Kathy, “Wearing braces wasn’t even that bad.” Working in the school system, Kathy could now relate better with her students. Kathy describes her new smile as, “Having that piece of jewelry that you always want to wear!” Her friends and colleagues remarked, “Your smile is amazing and you look totally different!”

When it was time for her daughter to get treatment, there was no doubt that Maggie would be getting a “Kadar Smile.” The whole family agrees, the Kadar Team makes getting braces fun! Sam appreciates Dr. Kadar’s personal touch, “He doesn’t just work on your teeth and ignore you, he actually wants to get to know you…he is always asking me about my soccer team. Dr. Kadar is one of the most friendly persons I’ve met.” Maggie loves the monthly contests and how quickly her teeth are moving.

Sam is now interviewing for college and claims that his new-found confidence will help him go far in school, soccer and in life in general. With Maggie finishing up her treatment, soon the whole family will have healthy and beautiful smiles to face whatever the future holds!!

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