Kadar Case Study

Patient: Albert

kadar_case_Albert Before kadar_case_0005_Albert After
  • Diagnosis: Spacing, deep bite, does not want traditional braces
  • Treatment Plan: Invisalign
  • Total Treatment Time: 14 mos

Albert’s Story:

Al did not like the spaces in between his teeth but did not want to wear braces. Invisalign was a perfect option which gave him a discreet way to correct his teeth in a timely way.

Albert remembers being teased as a young child about the gaps in his teeth. “Hey Al, take a bite out of this apple! We want to see how goofy your teeth are!” Not having the kind of smile he could be proud of, left him concealing his teeth for most of his life. It wasn’t until his thirteen year old daughter encouraged him to get his teeth fixed that he had something to smile about!

Albert, an accomplished musician, describes himself as someone who was always happy inwardly but was self-conscious of the prominent spaces in his teeth. Working in the construction industry and doing a lot of speaking, he elected to use Invisalign so his transformation would happen inconspicuously. Invisalign is a series of customized clear trays that gradually move the teeth to the desired position. Patients can easily remove them for eating and brushing their teeth. After just 20 months, Albert was enjoying the benefits of his new smile. “Here I am in my 50’s and I bite an apple and there’s nothing there to poke fun at … ahhhh, the things we take for granted.”

“Dr. Kadar and his staff truly have combined expert skills with excellent people skills,” says Al. “The atmosphere is extremely cheerful there!” Albert was a great patient, with a positive attitude and the determination to follow all the guidelines. As a result, he achieved excellent results!

There is a great twist to this story…not only did Albert get straight teeth, but he found love! Albert met a dental hygienist named Lorraine shortly before beginning treatment. A few short years later, the camera captured the biggest smile of his life…the day he married Lorraine! You can see for yourself how happy they looked on their honeymoon cruise … and he hasn’t stopped smiling yet! “Now everyone can see how happy I am and how grateful I am for this gift of life and love.”

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