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Patient: Payton

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Payton Taylor knows how important first impressions are … and she is making hers count in Nashville!

At age 11, Payton was nervous and didn’t really want braces but she had a tooth that had difficulty growing in. Her viewpoint started to change when she met Dr. Kadar. “He makes it really fun. He has goofy contests and always takes a personal interest in what you are doing.” When it was time to get her braces, she was thrilled to realize that Kadar Orthodontics offers clear braces; this would be great for her performing on stage and most people wouldn’t even realize that she was in treatment! Another pleasant surprise was that the braces didn’t hinder her singing at all — in fact it made it better! She had struggled with stuttering before her orthodontic treatment and, as she progressed through treatment, it completely went away!

Treatment took only 15 months for Payton as she anxiously awaited to see what her smile would look like when she was done. She vividly remembers the moment she first looked in the mirror and saw the beautiful Kadar Smile she had been waiting for! It was all worth it! “Dr. Kadar has given me so much confidence! It is important to put your best foot forward and make a good impression and your smile is such a big part of that. Now I radiate every time I smile!” Payton, who is a country music recording artist, recently moved to Nashville. She is also a featured spokeswoman for Damon Braces.

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